Another week, another ASA ruling under the new rules prohibiting the advertising high fat salt or sugar (HFSS) products to under 16s.

An ad for Doritos featured a man grabbing the hand of a colleague to suck Doritos crumbs off his fingers and ripping the trousers off another man in order to sniff Doritos crumbs from the trousers. The slogan: “Doritos. For the bold”. The ad was seen on YouTube before a video which reviewed Nintendo Switch games.

Complaint was made under the new HFSS rules querying whether the ad was targeted at under 16s through the media or context in which it appears.

The ASA Decision (link below) highlights some of the technical steps that responsible advertisers can take to ensure that inappropriate ads are not targeted to younger groups on YouTube. Walkers Snacks, owners of the Doritos brand, were regarded as having done all the right things here.

The ASA also notes that a younger child was alleged to have seen the ad in any event, on a device that was used by adults and children, but stops short of expressly laying responsibility for younger children's YouTube viewing time with the supervising adults.