Only a week after the Competition and Markets Authority announced its probe into influencer marketing, blogger and vlogger Lydia Elise Millen has published a candid piece about her experience of dealing with the Advertising Standards Authority (see link below). It's an interesting read for anyone who uses influencers to reach the market.

The most striking, if unsurprising, note is the sense of frustration and unease that she and other influencers feel at being suddenly thrust into the world of ad regulation, when all some of them set out to do was some blogging.

The inconsistencies Lydia perceives in the ASA's approach to this field probably result from a combination of factors. It may suggest of a lack of understanding of the issues on the part of influencers (or a failure of the ASA or others to help them understand better). Of course, the ASA is not immune to inconsistency in developing or complex areas (we're all human). But more importantly, the regulator is not bound by its own decisions and is free to develop its approach to emerging technologies and trends. 

And that's generally a good thing, even if it keeps the rest of us on our toes.