The ASA has published a fairly straightforward batch of rulings  this morning, including this one about the website of a clinical psychology practice. 

A consultant clinical psychologist, Dr Awenat, had left the practice to set up her own practice. She had complained to her former colleagues that her old practice's website still held her out as being a member of the team, including by use of a photograph of her, her name and short professional profile. Having received no satisfaction, she complained to the ASA. The practice failed to respond to the ASA's correspondence (never a good idea), and an adverse ruling resulted (probably inevitable in the circumstances).

As of the date of this post, Dr Awenat's details appear to have been removed from the website. 

The decision is a short and sweet reminder that the ASA can provide a quick and cheap remedy to some grievances in clear-cut cases which might otherwise require threats of legal action under the law of passing off or on other grounds.

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