The TUC is using its annual conference to call on the government to take action to help people work less but get paid the same. 

This is in light of the increase in artificial intelligence, robotics and automation which could provide a £200 billion UK economic boost in the next decade.

1.4 million people now work 7 days a week in the UK according to the TUC and 51%  of those surveyed feared the benefits of new technology would go to shareholders. However the TUC argue that if businesses share the benefit of new technology it could create a more satisfying workplace for employees.

The Communication and Workers Union recently took on this issue with the Royal Mail and sought to share the benefits of automation. The Royal Mail invested in new sorting machines which led to reduction in the amount of time workers were needed to sort out packages. The Royal Mail wanted workers to work extended delivery rounds instead.

The Union's objective was to work towards a 35 hour week and protect as many jobs as possible in light of the technology coming in. With workers wanting more flexibility in the workplace, and with the implementation of new technology, this is something businesses will need to consider going forward.