The government has asked for the publics' views on introducing alcohol licensing laws in airports, to reduce problems with drunk and disruptive passengers.

The call for evidence on the laws around the position on alcohol availability at airports comes in the wake of increased drink related disorder. 

Since 1956 airside sales of alcohol have fallen outside licensing law as exempt. But the in recent times the behaviour of drunken customers has been the cause of increasing concerns. There is a growing view that unfettered access to alcohol does not make for a pleasant traveller! Whilst others argue the behaviour of a few drunken passengers is set to punish the well behaved travellers who are able to drink without becoming disruptive to their fellow travellers and airline staff alike.  So the Government is now seeking views on the scale of the problem of drunken and disruptive passengers, the effectiveness of the current system, the impact of changes in the law and the likely economic and administrative implications of any changes.

The consultation closes on 11.45pm 2019 with the Government publishing its response 12 weeks later.