This week Facebook turned 15. I was invited by TRT World to join a panel of experts to discuss its recent woes and wonder what the future may hold.

As you might expect, we covered the social media giant’s influence over world elections, its status as a publisher, public responsibility and issues around privacy and data.

The reach and influence Facebook has generated in only 15 years is unprecedented. Other social media companies have tried (and mostly failed) to replicate its success. So what makes it special and how can it continue the huge success - financial and otherwise - it has already achieved?

Unfortunately, we only had time to scratch the surface. There are important conversations to be had about Facebook’s ‘duty of care’ to younger users (13 is the official minimum age) and to its employees. Mark Zuckerberg has promised tens of thousands of moderators across all languages and jurisdictions, taking down hate speech, verifying fake news and disabling illegal accounts. The impact of reading the minds of the most extreme and hateful members of our wide society and watching videos of unsettling content will soon take a toll and must be addressed.

With greater regulatory and public interest in the inner workings of Facebook, its purchase of Instagram and WhatsApp and dominant position across so many aspects of our social and working lives, is there only bad news ahead for Mark Zuckerberg and co? From what’s gone before it seems unlikely. What is certain is, he will make no apology for its success.