Ordnance Survey plans to use drones, fitted with high resolution cameras, to improve the accuracy of its mapping. Once it has completed its aerial surveys, this updated mapping will be made available to commercial customers.

Ordnance Survey believes using drones will be more straight-forward and accurate than its current system. At the moment, Ordnance Survey uses planes, in conjunction with surveyors on the ground, and combines that data with information from the Land Registry and Local Authorities.  The mapping data retrieved from the plans is, unfortunately, not as high resolution as the data it will be able to obtain from drones.

There are no comments so far as to whether the new mapping data will be fed back into Land Registry services, such as MapSearch, which rely on Ordnance Survey polygon data. If they do, it will be interesting to see how HM Land Registry reconciles the inaccuracies between the way sites are mapped 'on the ground' (from the air) and HM Land Registry title plan boundaries.

Let's hope Ordnance Survey remembers to avoid sending their drones too close to airports ...