There are a lot of things that can give us job satisfaction beyond the obvious (successful cases, appreciative clients, hitting targets). For me, one of them is the knowledge that the firm I work for takes equality, diversity and inclusion seriously. 

I've always appreciated and enjoyed the efforts of Freeths' diversity committee in marking important occasions from an array of cultural and religious traditions and in marking important awareness days on issues from mental health to LGBTQ+, BAME, International Men's Day, International Women's Day, etc.. (The free Tayto crisps on St. Patrick's Day two years ago made my day.) It's these small gestures, done for no other reason than to make everyone feel welcome and included, that can make a huge difference to the culture of a business.

So we in the IP & Media team are particularly pleased that Freeths has signed up to the IP Inclusive Charter on a whole-firm basis. You can read the six-point charter below and follow the link for more information.

IP Inclusive is a collection of individuals and organisations in the intellectual property sector, who have come together to make that professional community more inclusive, diverse, open and fair. 

IP Inclusive's simple Mission Statement is as follows.

"It’s not complicated. IP Inclusive’s objectives are to promote and improve equality, diversity and inclusion throughout the UK’s intellectual property (IP) professions.

We want to ensure that for all those who have the necessary aptitude, regardless of their age, gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, physical and cognitive ability, wealth and background, the IP professions are:

  • welcoming
  • accessible
  • respectful
  • supportive

We believe that there is value, not only to the professions and their individual members, but also to the IP system as a whole and its users, in ensuring that the IP professionals of the future encourage, embrace and sustain a more diverse workforce."

Hear, hear. 

We're looking forward to getting involved!