Freeths Stoke invited junior professionals and employees from local Staffordshire businesses to join them for an evening at Middleport Pottery on 20th June 2019. Guests took a ride on ‘Dane’, one of Britain’s last remaining wooden built narrowboats and participated in a pot-throwing demonstration with master craftsman, Jon French.

This event is part of Freeths Stoke “Initiate” programme led by junior lawyers. It aims to connect other like-minded junior professionals, employees and those within the business community in the City and surrounding areas through casual and engaging events in the hope to create a network of future-leaders. Freeths Stoke welcome a wide variety of attendees to these events, from a range of industries with no restrictions or joining requirements.

Being located in the heart of the City, Initiate Stoke aspires to promote and shout about local businesses and professional services and to facilitate their growth through enduring, friendly connections with suppliers, customers and service providers.

If you are interested in attending or finding out more about our next event, please email to be added to the invite list.