In a timely reminder to those who run food outlets we read today that the Bull Inn, Charlbury, has admitted food safety failings after it recommended that a teenage diner with a severe egg allergy ordered a panna cotta desert. Although the panna cotta was egg free it was served with a passion fruit curd made with egg yolk. The teenager ended up in hospital with a life threatening condition.

Although the pub had management systems in place to control risk this case shows how essential it is that systems are robustly operated and that all staff are fully trained in relation to allergens. Information provided to customers must be accurate at all times.

The pub in question was fined £3000 for a breach of food hygiene legislation. The damage to the outlet's reputation is probably irrevocable. Readers may also remember the manager of a curry house was jailed for 6 years in 2016 for manslaughter by gross negligence after serving a takeaway curry containing nuts to a customer who had specifically asked for a "nut free" curry. The diner later died of an anaphylactic shock.

Under food information regulations pubs and restaurants, as suppliers of non pre-packaged foods, are required to declare 14 major allergens in the foods they supply. This information can be specified on the menu or can be given to diners orally. This is an issue that all outlets must be fastidious about.

For further details of your obligations see Freeths article here