In the budget of 11 March 2020, the Chancellor announced an increase to the Immigration Health Surcharge to £624 per year of a visa for adult applicants and £470 for children.

The Immigration Health Surcharge is paid by all visa applicants from countries outside the European Economic Area when they apply for a visa for work, study or to join family in the UK for more than 6 months. European nationals arriving in the UK from 2021 may need to pay the charge.

The charge is raised per year of the visa applied for. An applicant applying for a work visa for 3 years would pay a fee of £1,872. If they were to be accompanied by their spouse and two children, the family would pay an additional £4,692 to cover the Immigration Health Surcharge for the family members. This charge is in addition to the Embassy/Home Office fees, appointment fees, biometric enrolment fees and any priority service fees.

Paying the Immigration Health Surcharge provides visa nationals with access to the NHS on a similar basis as an ordinarily resident person while their visa remains valid. Payment must be made as part of the visa application process. Payment of the charge is compulsory and must be made even if an applicant holds private medical insurance.