The latest of many surveys that have been undertaken in those Covid-19 times has just been published. Microsoft, working with YouGov has tested the water around how well schools have coped with the hugely complex task of bringing effective online learning to their students. 

This is not, in any way a time to be critical of school leaders and teachers, none of whom could reasonably be expected to have prepared for the circumstances of the last 7 months.

But a survey of this kind will be useful to DfE, to the school and college community and to the many providers of the resources that schools have available to bring into play. Hybrid learning or even more radical education delivery arrangements may very well be here to stay. 

It's interesting that even before Covid-19, DfE was already giving consideration to virtual schooling - no bricks and mortar wrapped around the educational experience - and the regulatory issues that would need to be addressed. Just quite what the educational experience should be for children in the future remains in play - and the way this plays out is hugely important to future generations and, undoubtedly, to the economic and social prosperity we aspire to.