You might be forgiven for thinking that Instagram promotions are pretty straightforward, however this week the ASA has found both and Get the Gloss to be in breach of the CAP Code.

You can find the full details of the decisions on the ASA's website, but the key take away is that Instagram promotions should be administered fairly and that prizes must be fairly (and randomly) awarded to genuine winners.

The ASA has found that it is not fair to:

  • Require a participant to share a story, save a story or comment in a particular way on Instagram, if it is not possible to verify these requirements independently (e.g. because the promoter is using a program to analyse results and it can't tell what comment has been posted, or because a story has been shared by a private account).
  • Allow participants to qualify for a bonus entry (e.g. by doing several of the above), if that bonus entry would not increase their chances of winning the prize. 
  • Manually select winners rather than use a computer program or independent person.

To make sure you are getting it right see CAP Code rules 8.2 (Promotional marketing), 8.14 (Administration) and 8.24 (Prize promotions).