The Social Market Foundation (SMF) have released a fascinating new study which attempts to identify which regions and local authorities in the UK are best placed to take advantage of the economic and employment opportunities presented by the transition to a low-carbon economy. 

On a regional level, the North-West, North East and the Midlands rank highest and, on a local authority level, Knowsley, Sunderland and Halton rank the highest. The key measures used to determine the opportunity rankings include: proximity to renewable energy production sites, proximity to a low-carbon industrial cluster, and proximity to a top university for STEM research. 

The report also ranks the extent to which regions and local authorities will face disruption during the transition to net-zero and, generally, this aligns with the opportunity rankings. For example, London is the region least likely to see the greatest economic transformation from the net-zero transition, but also the least likely to suffer disruption.

I would thoroughly recommend reading the report in full (Zeroing In Final - clean ( and seeing where your region/local authority ranks.