When posting a job vacancy, or seeking a contractor, businesses will often leave blank the salary details, leaving it to applicants and job-seekers to struggle with valuing themselves and investing in a process which can be fruitless. Is it time for the creative industries to set new standards of practice, and should other industries follow? I spoke with Intern about this and the growing demand for pay transparency in the UK.

A lack of transparency can be used to hide personal or systemic biases, unfair treatment and discriminatory behaviour. There will always be some need for confidentiality in business and between colleagues and competitors. That's life and some secrecy can be for the greater good. But the increased politicisation of the workplace since the mainstream support for the MeToo and BLM movements, amongst others, has once again shone a light on fairness of pay.

The inclusion of a salary range is such a simple way to promote awareness and will ultimately make it easier to recruit, ensuring that only those who are genuinely interested in a role apply, cutting down administration and time costs. Let's hope this is a change which happens, and soon. It's in everyone's interests.

Do read the rest of the article at Intern Magazine. It's an essential insight into an old fashioned notion.

If you have any questions about equal pay, or have concerns about the recruitment process, please contact me at Kevin.Poulter@freeths.co.uk.